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All electric bikes are not equal. And there are a few things that make the Emu Electric Bike stand out…

The best looking e-bike

A retro frame and design features complement attention to detail, making Emu as smart to look at as it is fun to ride. This is thanks to the patented in-frame battery that not only looks great but also contributes to the balance and the smooth ride.

A choice of four eye-catching colours and a range of carefully chosen accessories, to ensure you always have a smile on your face when riding.


You got the power!


Emu’s battery will give you a range of 30-80km off one charge, and with 5 power settings (3 for the Mini)- superb acceleration. You can choose how much of a workout you want, allowing you to move around cities or the countryside with ease.

The removable quick-charging battery can be unlocked and charged in your home or office from a regular mains socket, leaving you safe to lock up your Emu at street level.


Quality components and attention to detail


The Emu is one of the highest quality electric bikes available, with Shimano brakes and gears, a patented in-frame battery utilising Samsung battery cells, puncture-resistant tyres, integrated lights powered from the controller, an integrated bell and a comfortable saddle. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail.


Savings direct to you


We’re committed to providing you with high quality e-bikes online. Emu is a British brand with bikes designed by leading experts in the UK and Europe to make the most stylish and feature-packed electric bikes on the market today.

You are buying direct and savings passed to you means you get the specification of a bike that might cost significantly more from our competitors. You can even split the cost into manageable payments, by selecting the finance option or the cycle to work schemes.

You can even save when you refer a friend!


The smart electric bike


The Emu has an in-built USB port (Only on the Step Through and the Crossbar. Not the Mini) so you can charge your Smartphone whilst on the move. Your smartphone can give you the directions you need to navigate your way across town or the countryside.


Two-Wheel Power


The electric motor powers the front wheel pulling you forward, whilst you power the rear wheel. This gives a natural balance, not found in designs using central or rear hub drives which unbalance the bike.


The best gear system


The Shimano Nexus 7/3 hub gear system is a proven and respected choice which has significant advantages over choosing a derailleur gear system. You can change gear at any point, not just when you are cycling, they are very useful at traffic lights. You won’t experience the chain coming off and the gears will last longer. The hub gear means all the mechanisms are protected from the elements so they don’t get dirty giving a long service life.


Two-Year Warranty


Every Emu comes with a 2 year warranty on all major parts and is supported by Emu’s partner network giving access to a national network of qualified mobile mechanics who can visit you at your home or office, giving you complete peace of mind.

Take a look for yourself — Check out our range of stunning, yet affordable eBikes.


"The pedal-assist motor on my Emu means I can exercise exactly how much I want to"

— Crispin

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